Principles and Traditions of A.A

Anonymity is the “spiritual basis of all our Traditions,” so we put anonymity into practice as indicated by our eleventh tradition that says that our public relations policy is based more on attraction than promotion; We need to always keep our personal anonymity with the press, radio, cinema and internet. This is a public section belonging to area 77, exclusively guarded by the Alcoholics Anonymous area in Puerto Rico. It is created to have the ability to reach the most diverse and numerous audience possible, fulfilling in carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous through links belonging to the website of Alcoholics Anonymous “”. Where are the photos of the books and brochures of our program, which are belonging to Alcoholics Anonymous. It is for this reason, we link our website to the Alcoholics Anonymous website, since our literature is exclusive to Alcoholics Anonymous. At the same time we do not use any photos of any partner of the program for the protection we use before the press, the radio, the cinema and now on the INTERNET.

For more information on this topic, see the resource page of the GSO website Anonymity a vital spiritual principle. ”

“This site is one not approved or belonging to the World Services of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.W.S., Inc.). It is provided as a public service by the General Service Assembly of A.A. of Area 77 of PR, to facilitate the communication of AA services and activities. No copyrighted material will be intentionally published here without the express permission of those individuals or institutions that own those copyrights. «Alcoholics Anonymous» and «AA» are registered trademarks of World Services of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.W.S., Inc.); «The Grapevine», «Box 1980», and «GV» are registered trademarks of AA Grapevine, Inc. «

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